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Project Discovery

Project Discovery is an educational outreach program, which is operated through the Office of Human Affairs. Our mission is to encourage high school students to begin exploring post-secondary options as early as possible, via workshops, college visits, culturally enriching field trips, and community service projects.

Components of the program include:  

  • Workshops (Goal Setting, Self-Esteem, Choosing a College, SAT preparation, Effective Communication, College Admissions, Conflict Resolution, etc.)
  • Campus visits (in & out of the state of Virginia)
  • Spring Break college tour for high school students (Participants have visited New York, New Orleans, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania etc.)
  • Community Service projects (bell ringers Salvation Army, Riverside Convalescent Center, Hampton Clean City Commission, etc.) 
  • Culturally enriching field trips & activities (The Nutcracker, Madame Tussaud , the Great blacks in Wax Museum) 

Contact information:
Office of Human Affairs
c/o Project Discovery
2410 Wickham Avenue
Newport News, Virginia 23607
(757) 247-0379 ext. 306 Hermelinda C. Miller, PD Coordinator/ Director or ext. 326 Madige Campbell, PD Assistant