Graduation Requirements

Special Alert for students entering high school as a first-time grade 9 student during the 2013-2014 school year:

The 2012 General Assembly passed, and the Governor signed into law, HB 1061 and SB 489, to strengthen postsecondary education and workplace readiness opportunities for all students. The legislation says, in part:

“Beginning with first-time ninth grade students in the 2013-2014 school year, requirements for the standard diploma shall include a requirement to earn a career and technical education credential that has been approved by the Board, that could include, but not be limited to, the successful completion of an industry certification, a state licensure examination, a national occupational competency assessment, or the Virginia workplace readiness skills assessment.”

  • Hampton High School students have a number of choices related to choosing a particular diploma from the onset of their high school career.  Please utilize the links on the right and left side of this page to learn more about our diplomas.  These links will take you to the Virginia Department of Education website as it relates to the particular diploma link you click onto.
  • When picking a diploma type the question one should ask  is what are my career aspirations.  Based on that career choice, determines the type of "after-high school" training a student must attain in order to purse that career field.  
  • That training may take the form of a 2 year college, 4 year college, trade school, etc.  Please talk with your School Counselor to see which high school diploma will best serve you once you take the next step towards post-secondary education.