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Note for Students

What are the school hours? 

The hours are 8:20 a.m. - 3:09 p.m. 


Is transportation available? 

Hampton City Schools offers our own transportation utilizing the yellow buses.  Bus schedules are available in the main office and Guidance. Click the "Bus Icon" on the left of this page to find your bus stop.

How do I get a locker? 

A locker will be issued to you at the beginning of the year. The cost is $.50.  You may not share a locker with another student.  


How much is lunch? 

Lunch costs $1.90 per day.  You will be given a lunch number at the beginning of  the year which you must remember and punch into the computer each day when paying at the cash register. After the beginning of the school year new students must  see the cafeteria manager for a lunch number assignment.  Forms to apply for free or reduced meals are available in the main office. For further information click onto the button under links in the shape of school tray with food.  Also, if you wish to pre-pay online for your child's school lunches please click onto the "PREPAY ONLINE" button on this page.  If you have received Free or Reduced Lunch and are transferring into Hampton City Schools you can fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch application by clicking here.


Where can I use the phone? 

You cannot use the teacher phones in the classrooms.  As a general rule,  students may use the phones in the Main Office. In cases of emergency, you may ask the Deans or the Nurse to use the phone.  Students may not use cell phones during the day.  Phones are to be turned off and stowed in a locker or vehicle. 


What if I have to get out early or go to a doctorʼs appointment? 

If you need an early dismissal or are going out of town, you need to bring a note from home to give to the Dean of Attendance, preferrably before 8:15 a.m.   Include the time to be dismissed,  the reason for the dismissal, and a phone number for confirmation. 


How many days can I be absent? 

Students are allowed five (5) absences per class, excused or unexcused, per  semester.  The sixth absence in any class will result in a failure for the semester  in that  class.  If a student leaves school early for any reason and misses a  class, they are absent for that class. 

How long do I have to get from one class to another? 

You have five minutes between classes.  If you are not in the classroom when the late bell rings, you will receive a tardy for that class.  The third tardy results in a detention. Further tardies in a semester result in a day of suspension or a day of community service. 


How to see your counselor? 

Stop by the guidance office and see if your counselor is available.  If not, sign the  counselor log in the lobby of guidance.  Your counselor will send a pass to your class for an appointment. 


How are agendas used? 

Each student will be assigned an agenda planner during the first few weeks of school in order to write homework assignments.  The agenda is also used for hall passes.  If the agenda is lost, students may purchase a replacement for $5.00. 

Are students required to pay for Physical Education Uniforms?

HCS students can wear their own clothing for PE as long as it is appropriate for the activity:  shorts, t-shirt, tennis shoes and socks.  No specific color can be required.


During the first month of school,  a calendar of events for the school year (report card dates, vacation dates, half-days) will be sent home with your student.  School Calendars are also available on the following link:  HCS Calendar 2016-2017

Each student will receive a copy of the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.   It contains  Attendance, Discipline, and Dress Code policies.   Both you and your student need to read this handbook.

Please download the 2016-2017 High School Course Offerings booklet....enclosed you will find a plethora of information from Graduation Requirements, delineating the various programs offered by HCS and  providing information about every course offered in High School.  See the attachment below.

Students cannot leave school grounds without clearance from a Dean or the Attendance Officer.

Students are expected to report to the Dean of Attendance at any time PRIOR to the dismissal, but preferably before 7:45 in the morning on the day of an early dismissal.  The student should bring a written note from their parent or guardian verifying the time of departure. This helps the Deans keep track of students, and is a time saver for you, since the student will be released from class at the time you requested.

Please notify the Attendance Officer on the day of your child’s absence from school  ( see: Important Phone Numbers) or send a written verification of his/her absence the day they return to school.  Remember, the student must report to the Dean of Attendance with the note before 8:15 or in between classes, otherwise they will receive an unexcused tardy to the class from which they came. 

When a student is tardy to school, he/she MUST have a note.  ONLY 3 PARENT NOTES can be accepted for tardies per semester.  Doctor’s notes, court summons, etc... can be unlimited.

Students who arrive to school after 8:30 must report to the Dean of Attendance. 

When a student is going to be absent for an extended time (illness, suspension, funeral, etc...), the student should request any make-up work from the teachers prior to leaving if possible.  If the extended absence is unplanned, students/parents should contact the teachers by phone, by e-mail or through K12 Planet to get any missed assignments.

Information on gym lockers and gym attire will be given to the students during the first week of class by their physical education teacher.

During the first month of school, school pictures will be taken (these are used in the yearbook and for student ID’S.) Information will be sent home with your student. If you wish to purchase pictures for yourself, the money must be paid at the time the pictures are taken.

In order for the Nurse to administer prescription drugs, a medication authorization form (which can be picked up by you or your student at the school clinic) must be on file in the nurse’s office.   

To arrange a conference with your child’s individual teachers go to HHS Faculty or click on the Faculty tab then the Course Subject of the teacher you are searching for.  You can either email or call the teacher directly to arrange the conference.  If you wish to meet with all of your child's teachers at the same conference please call the Guidance Secretary at 825-4454 to make that appt.

Unlike middle school, the grades are assigned at the semester, not at the year’s end.  The semester grades are not averaged for a final grade. For infomation pertaining to the promotion policy please click on the following link, HCS PROMOTION POLICY.

Class changes can occur when there are mistakes made, ex. - English 12 instead of English 9.  However, other changes may not be honored due to the unavailability of classes.  In addition, any changes to a student’s schedule can impact the students’ ability to meet their post-high school goals.