Think about this…

- Would you write a 500-word essay if someone would pay you $500?

- Would you fill out a 15 page job application if you were being offered $60,000?

- How much is 500+300+1500+500+2000?

scholarship is a set amount of money that is awarded by an organization or school, based upon specific criteria.  That criteria can be financial need, academic performance, talent of some type…  The criteria is determined by the organization or school

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Where can I look for scholarships?

                    • Scholarship bulletin
                    • Scholarship box in School Counseling Department
                    •, or other websites
                    • College financial aid offices
                    • Copies of the Scholarship Applications, which are not online are located in the School Counseling Department.

George Cunningham,
Sep 30, 2015, 8:19 AM