SOLs and Verified Credits

What is a Verified Credit?

          • Simply put, a Verified Credit is a credit awarded once a student passes the SOL and both semesters of the course the SOL pertained to.  For example, the student takes Biology and successfully passes the 1st and 2nd semester. In May, he or she will take the EOC(End of Course) Biology SOL.  If that student attains a scaled score of at least a 400, he or she will be awarded one Verified Credit.

How many Verified Credits must a student earn to graduate from High School?
 How Many Core Subject Description
 2 English 1 Reading SOL, 1 Writing SOL(Taken in the 10th Grade year)
 1 MathAlgebra 1 or Geometry or Algebra 2
 1 Social StudiesWorld Hx 1 or World Hx 2 or VA/US Hx
 1 ScienceEarth Sc or Biology or Chemistry                        
 1 Student Selected    1 additional Math or Social Studies or Science SOL
**Students need 6 Verified Credits to graduate with a Standard Diploma.  Students going for their Advanced Diploma must earn 9 Verified Credits.  Click on the following link, Graduation Requirements, for more information.

Where do I go to get my student the extra help they need to pass their SOL's?
  • Students can take an SOL for any subject they have taken. In the event they are unsuccessful in their first attempt, students can retake that SOL during the following testing sessions offered throughout the school year and during the Summer.

  • The VDOE(Virginia Department of Education) Releases past SOL tests so that students can download and use them as a Study Guide.  These Released SOL Tests come with an answer key enabling the student to know where they need to focus their efforts pertaining to preparing for the upcoming testing window.  For the most up to date information pertaining to the Released tests please click onto the following link, SOL RELEASED TESTS.

What if I just transferred into Virginia or coming from a private school/home school environment, would I still need 6 verified credits to graduate High School?

  • The answer corresponds directly with the grade level of the student when they transferred to a Virginia Public School either from out of State or from a private school/home school environment. Please refer to the following link on the VDOE website that answers this very question, INFORMATION FOR TRANSFER STUDENTS.