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Ninth-grade students begin their educational experience in a freshman academy to promote an effective and positive transition from middle school to high school. This academy is designed to help students to adjust to high school expectations, routines, and standards in a supportive, nurturing environment. The ninth-grade instructional program also includes Success 101, a Freshman Seminar course designed to equip students with the study and social skills they will need to succeed in high school. Success 101 helps to motivate them through exploration of their individual talents and to participate in college-and career-awareness activities.

Do you enjoy helping others within your community achieve a higher quality of life? The Academy of Health, Human and Financial Services provide the academic and technical courses needed for successful transition to postsecondary education and careers focused on improving the community through counseling, nutrition and wellness and financial education services.

Pathways in this Academy

Counseling, Nutrition and Wellness

Everywhere you go you hear about the demand for healthcare careers. As an advocate of healthy living, workers in the health and wellness field focus on improving the lives of others and their community through preventive care. Individuals in this industry focus of behavioral and physical health, public policy, exercise and wellness education, medicine, or social science.

Career opportunities: child care site worker, class instructor, clinical dietitian, community services worker, employee assistance program manager, food and nutrition manager, nutritionist, patient advocate, patient navigator, personal care aide, and personal trainers.

Financial Services

The finance industry offers a wide range of career opportunities that are compatible with different skills and interests. Whether you are working in commercial and investment banking, insurance, pension plans, risk management, mutual funds, e-commerce, or personal and business planning, a career in finance is essentially all about money.

Career opportunities: account, bank teller, bookkeeper, budget analyst, financial planner, insurance sales agent, insurance underwriter, financial manager, and loan officer.

The IB Program offers a cohesive overall curriculum with advanced, rigorous courses. IB graduates earn an internationally accepted diploma, recognized by universities worldwide, which serve as qualification for entry into higher education.

Do you enjoy building things, solving puzzles, working with tools, or designing machines? The Academy of Technology and Engineering provides the academic and technical courses needed for successful transition to postsecondary education and 21st Century careers in construction technology, aerospace, engineering design and development, information technology, and audio engineering.

Pathways in this Academy

Engineering Design and Development

Design and development engineers create solutions to problems through research, design, test, and construction. Their area of expertise includes design production and maintenance of mechanical, telecommunications, electrical, electronics, and electromechanical products and systems.

Career opportunities: building inspector, CAD technician, design and development engineer, engineering technician, ergonomist, industrial engineer, and materials engineer.

Information Technology

Information technology specialists develop and manage business information and applications tools that others rely on to do their jobs. Their roles include designing, developing, applying, implementing, supporting or managing computer-based information systems.

Career opportunities: advanced multimedia designer, cloud architect, computer forensic investigator, computer programmer, health IT specialist, IT consultant, mobile application developer, office clerk, research scientist, software engineer, and web developer manager.

Audio Engineering

An audio engineer operates and sets up recording equipment used to capture the technical aspects of sound during the process of recording, mixing, and reproduction. Using a variety of computer software and cloud-based music technology programs, audio engineers work with singers, arrangers, musicians, record producers, and artists’ management to achieve the best sound possible.

Career opportunities: announcer/DJ, audio engineer, audio equipment technician, broadcast technician, camera operator, and sound engineer.

Construction Technology

Workers in construction technology have multiple professional paths, each offering job security and excellent earning potential. Construction workers do a variety of construction-related activities during all phases of construction. Although most are generalists, many specialize in skilled trades such as carpentry, electrical, brick masonry, or plumbing.

Career opportunities: codes and compliance monitor, construction carpenter, construction laborer, construction site supervisor, cost estimator, electrician, project manager, and skill trades worker.

Do you like designing ships and working with tools and machines? The Maritime Academy provides the academic and technical courses needed for successful transition to postsecondary education, careers and registered apprenticeship opportunities in ship design and ship building and repair.

Pathways in this Academy

Ship Building and Repair

Building and repairing ships is a complex engineering process that relies on technological resources, skilled manpower, and professionals with a wide range of skills specializing in welding, pipefitting, coatings, rigging and machining. Workers in this field are involved in the design, design approval, construction, and the repairing of ships.

Career opportunities: fabricator, machinist, marine engineer, mechanics, naval engineer, pipefitter, skilled trades worker, and welder.

Ship Design

Ship designers and naval architects are involved in the design, construction, and repair of ships, boats, other marine vessels, and offshore structures. Ship designers use engineering principles and problem-solving techniques to design ships and their systems. Ship designers work in design, construction and repair, consulting, education and training, marketing and sales, operations, regulation and surveying.

Career opportunities: drafter, engineering technician, industrial engineering technician, marine engineer, naval architect, naval engineer, nuclear technician, project engineer, structural designer, systems engineer, and skilled trades worker.